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The garden that does not have large spaces where you can plant flowers can still be embellished with planters. If the vase is mainly used for growing plants, the planter is used for flowers. Its versatility means that it can be used both on the balcony and in the garden, always obviously allowing the weight to be moved. The flowers bring a natural note of color, especially in spring, when all the plants bloom, and make the garden a fragrant and pleasant space to look at.

Wooden planters

Today, the model of planter is often used, which is placed on the sides of the gazebo, mostly in wood. The shape of the vase is rectangular, and a grid is placed on the back on which it is also possible to grow a climbing plant. Used in this way, the planter is transformed into an object with a double function: containing flowers and also being a great way to shelter from the wind and the sun. This same model is used as a divider between the various areas of the garden, guaranteeing an area with more privacy. Referring to the wooden planters, we can say that the aesthetic aspect is very pleasant as well as underlining that the wood is in itself a natural material resistant to atmospheric agents and temperature changes. Only after many years, the planter can lose its original appearance, but, with the use of a simple natural protective oil, it will not cover the beauty of the wood but only to make it more resistant.

The wrought iron planters

The wrought iron planter can have different shapes and heights, it can contain one or more plants. Being a material that is predominantly worked in an artisanal way, you can find models with dimensions and shapes that cannot be made with other materials. On the market, it is possible to buy wrought iron planters that allow you to place the vases at different heights, an excellent solution to create an interesting floral corner. They also have a double use because they can be placed both inside and outside.

Stone planters

The stone planter, also quite heavy, can be smooth or decorated, with floral or other motifs. The color is usually white, which, however, tends to darken over time. Using a simple paint can return to its original color. Also in this case the planter does not fear temperature changes. The stone is worked starting from a single large block, from which vessels of different sizes can be made.


The planters used, whatever their material, must always be clean before being placed in a dry place. It is one of those purchases for the garden furniture that never goes out of fashion, but above all it allows to give the garden a more lively appearance. When the planter is purchased from a nursery, it is impossible not to take advantage of the advice of those who sell it, because depending on the type of plant chosen, the most suitable planter will be recommended. Planting an excessive number of plants in the same space may not always be a correct gesture, since there are some species of flowers that need to be decanted after a certain period.

Garden planters: Vastness of choice and style

The green thumb is essential to create a beautiful garden, the planters will contribute to give a touch of liveliness in those spaces where there is a flooring that does not make it possible to use the land directly. Moreover, the planter is an elegant and very particular element to divide the space and to create a path. By combining adequate lighting in the garden it will be possible to make the planters more interesting, since they will be visible even during the night. Only by making a tour of the shops can one realize the difference in price between the planters, which varies according to the material with which they are made and according to their size. The style to give to your garden must be a personal choice. That is why, even if all the planters have a rather pleasant aesthetic, everyone must be free to choose according to their taste so that they can become a primary element of the green space.


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