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Pool beds

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The pool beds, although very similar to the deckchairs, offer the possibility of lying comfortably for sunbathing or resting. There are mainly two models: a pool bed with a sun canopy and one without. A sunlounger for a pool is equipped with a sunroof that adjusts to create a shaded area in front of the face. This is a model very similar to that found in the beach establishments, which turns out to be very useful especially if there is no gazebo where you can refresh yourself near the pool. The pool bed, as the word itself indicates, when fully extended, forms a real bed. The backrest is adjustable in different heights to allow the person to find the right position. The greatest comfort is given by the fact that the legs in any case remain relaxed and relax much more.

The plastic cot

The materials used for the construction of pool beds are varied. We begin our journey starting from plastic, perhaps one of the most popular and sold by outdoor furniture stores. The bed is composed of a series of plastic slats, it can have wheels that facilitate and facilitate the movement, and be equipped with armrests. These are different models that differ only in some details. For example, some pool beds have a rather rounded shape, others have a square shape. As far as plastic models are concerned, it is generally not used to cover it with a cushion to make it more comfortable, but you put a towel as a matter of hygiene and to dry more quickly. Plastic is an excellent material because it is very resistant to impact and easy to clean. When these chairs are to be reused for the following season, they must certainly be washed. Just water and a simple liquid detergent are enough, and dirt easily comes off. It is not recommended to leave the plastic beds outside, as they could be damaged in the long run.

The wooden cot

The wooden version of the pool bed is above all more expensive than the plastic one and also has a different aesthetic presence. It is made with wooden slats and is always proposed with its cushion. Care must be taken, because if you place it too close to the edge of the pool, water splashes could wet it, and even if it is rather resistant, it will tend to stain in the long run. The wood is treated in such a way that it is water resistant. Left in its natural color it allows you to admire the various veins. The classic color is tending to dark shades, and for those who like to create a garden area with particular pool beds, it can always paint it in any color. Also in this case the version of the wooden pool bed can have the armrests and the wheels.

The aluminum and wrought-iron bed

Aluminum is another very light material, but equally resistant. The pool beds are made especially in very light shades, and in this case it is not always necessary to use cushions. Wrought iron is par excellence the most particular material for the realization of this piece of furniture, and it is absolutely not to be feared that it will rust because, during the winter period, it must be stored in a dry and clean place and, during summer, even if it is by the pool, will not suffer any damage.

New ideas and forms

Today, the world of outdoor furniture gives free rein to shapes and colors for the construction of pool beds, which is why it is easy to find cribs that look a lot like chaise lounges with a particular shape, or that have complementary accessories that once were they were not used. Let's think, for example, of the possibility of combining the small pool table with a small table, very convenient for placing a drink or objects. The only sore point of the pool table is that it requires a space by the pool where it can be placed. For gardens that are too small, filled with an exaggerated number of beds, it would be difficult to create other areas. For those who want a slightly special version, the pool bed is also available in the double model: it means that two people can sit comfortably or lie on the same bed and maybe even use it as a sofa. To create a furniture with a unique style in the pool area it is good to choose the bed always following the material already used for the other furniture, otherwise it will seem to have two completely different areas without a joining line.

Pool beds: swimming pools: Pool beds

The pool is a very desired space and very important in the garden.
For this reason all the elements must be designed with care, also and above all the details.
And among the absolutely non-negligible details there are all the furnishings for the pool: chairs, deckchairs, sun beds, gazebos and umbrellas for your total relaxation.
Where to buy them?
Finding a wide range of pool beds is not difficult, you can find it in any store that sells outdoor furniture.
The important thing is to have clear enough ideas about the furnishing style to choose for your garden and try to make a coordinated purchase at least of the main elements such as sunbeds.
The only must: comfort!