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A plant with distant origins, the mimosas (acacia dealbata) arrive in Europe from faraway Australia; it is a shrub, or small tree, that loves a Mediterranean type climate; the mimosa must therefore be planted in a sunny place, protected from the wind, and from winter frosts; if we live in an area with very cold winters, we place the mimosa near the house, or in ivnerno let us cover it with non-woven fabric. Watering must be fairly regular and abundant, during the summer, and especially in the case of plants grown in pots or in the case of prolonged drought. Let's avoid watering excessively, but every time the soil is dry we intervene with watering. From March to September we mix specific watering plants with water for watering. Mimosas do not develop too quickly, and generally do not require pruning; only intervening by removing any branches damaged by the weather, or after flowering to shorten the branches too thin.