Christmas tree

Christmas tree

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Christmas tree:

Surely the plant that most reminds us of Christmas is the fir tree, a very ancient cosmic symbol, which for millennia has been decorated and decorated during the winter equinox. Whether you choose natural, a real tree, or synthetic, it's not so difficult to get a nice and pleasant Christmas tree. It is fundamental to get lots of decorations, better to have more of them than to get a bare or poor spruce. Then we prepare various colored balls, possibly of different sizes; trinkets of various types, colored ribbons, beaded threads, all we like most, also wanting homemade biscuits for the occasion. Obviously we choose objects in colors that can be easily matched: typical is the tree with red decorations, the color of Christmas, perhaps illuminated by some golden ball; also the blue-silver combination, to remember the sky and the winter snow, is typical. However, there are decorations of every color on the market today. Let's start by applying the largest decorations to the tree, distancing them so that they are properly distributed; they will follow the decorations of medium size, and then the top and the colored ribbons, which would be better to apply to the tree following a hypothetical spiral, which from the top goes towards the bottom of the tree. Finally we insert the smaller trinkets and balls, to fill the areas that were previously left too empty.