Grow aloe

Grow aloe

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Grow aloe:

Aloe is a plant of African origin, widespread for centuries as a medicinal plant; in addition to enjoying its virtues we can decide to cultivate it as an ornamental plant. In general, aloe barbadensis and aloe vera specimens of easy cultivation can be found more easily in the nursery. These are succulent plants, which develop a thick rosette of fleshy leaves; it is grown in a very bright place, possibly sunny, in a loose and very well drained soil, as it fears water stagnation very much. It is watered only from March-April to September-October, while in the remaining months it can remain without watering, except in case of particularly hot weather. The winter minimum must be higher than 9-10 ° C, therefore in the areas of northern Italy we must forcibly cultivate it in a sheltered place, at home or in a greenhouse.