Domestic nandina

Domestic nandina

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Nandina domestica:

Nandina is a vigorous evergreen shrub, native to Asia, very common in gardens. It is used as a single specimen or to form low hedges; there are dwarf varieties, with a compact development, which does not exceed one meter in height, while the botanical species can reach up to two meters, although not too fast growing. They prefer very sunny positions, where the new foliage takes on a characteristic reddish bronze color; they do not fear the cold and can also be placed in the common garden soil, since they tend to adapt even in non-ideal cultivation conditions. Plants that have recently settled should be watered periodically, avoiding leaving them exposed to drought for very long periods of time; plants that have been living for some years can be satisfied with the water supplied by the weather; in case of summer or spring drought it is however good to water the shrubs, at least once a week. They generally do not require pruning and are not easily affected by pests or diseases.