Prepare a parking lot with grass

Prepare a parking lot with grass

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Prepare a parking lot with grass:

There are various products for paving external car parks, useful for keeping the ground on which we place the car, but also for decorating; the purpose of these materials is to reinforce the soil of the garden, so as to avoid the signs due to trampling by the cars, keeping the lawn inside them intact. There are tiles for this purpose of varied material, from cement to recycled slate. These are modular tiles, which can sometimes even be equipped with self-locking systems, so as to fix each tile to the other already laid. Before positioning the tiles, it is advisable to level the area where the flooring is to be placed with the rake, removing any large stones or pebbles; then place a layer of sand or gravel, often at least a couple of centimeters, which we will level further. On this basis we position the tiles, one next to the other. After having positioned them, we can spread on the pavement of the turf soil, which we will moisten and then sow the grass; the roots of the turf will provide additional solidity and elasticity to the structure, especially if we use plastic tiles.