The tools of the bonsai artist

The tools of the bonsai artist:

To practice the art of bonsai it is necessary to have some specific tools, which must always be kept in good conditions of sharpening and cleaning. The most widely used tool is certainly the pruning shears, with which the outermost pairs of leaves are periodically removed, so as to favor the growth of smaller foliage; these scissors are also used to prune the thinnest and most delicate branches. For larger branches the concave shears are used instead, which practice a clean and precise cut, leaving the wood clean and not frayed; after having removed a branch of medium or large size, remember to trim the stump with a special grafting knife, and cover the scar with a metal film, to prevent mold and bacteria from finding a gap through which to penetrate into the plant tissues. The other important tool needed by the bonsai is the metal wire; there are different diameters, but in any case it is a very malleable thread, but at the same time consistent. The thread twists around the branches, avoiding to over-tighten it, so as not to damage the bark. After having twisted it in a spiral, carefully avoiding crushing the leaves during this operation, the branch can be gently folded in the direction we wish to impress them. Periodically we change the thread, putting new slightly wider spirals as soon as the branch has developed into dimensions; when the branch begins to develop in the way we want, after a few months, we remove the thread, using a special wire cutter, with which to make some incisions along the spiral, so as not to damage the branch in the removal operation of the wire.