Pruning of roses

Pruning of roses

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Rose pruning:

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pruning of roses
Roses are vigorous and rustic shrubs, they produce large flowers only on new branches, produced during the same vegetative season in which we see flowers. Pruning takes place at the end of winter, so as to favor the development of the greatest number of new branches, and therefore the greatest possible number of flowers. We observe our shrub and remove all the weak or damaged branches from the winter, we also remove any branches coming from the lower part of the stem to the graft, so as to avoid the development of branches that bear simple flowers or of little ornamental value. When we have cleaned the shrub we observe the remaining branches and shorten them, trying to keep only 2-3 buds for each branch; possibly pruning should be done on top of a bud facing the outside of the shrub, in this way we will favor the development of a shrub of cupped roses, devoid of intertwined branches. As for the shrubs of climbing roses instead we will try to keep longer branches, but removing all the weak or ruined branches, maintaining for each robust branch 5-6 healthy and large buds; we secure the branches to a trellis or a support, trying to favor an arched development; in this way, where the branches arch, the plant will produce new branches. The miniature and ground cover roses should be pruned by removing all excessively weak branches, and any remains of flowering; therefore each branch is shortened by about a third of its length. Rose shrubs are pruned even after flowering, removing branches that have been excessively stretched and all withered flowers; in this way the shrub will start to bloom again within 30-35 days.