Administer a pesticide

Administer a pesticide

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Administer a pesticide:

When we administer a pesticide to large plants we must arm ourselves with suitable tools and pay attention to some details. First of all we need a sufficiently large nebulization pump, and with a jet sufficient to reach the entire crown of the tree. To administer the product we choose a windless day, to avoid dispersing the product excessively in the environment, otherwise it could damage the useful insects or even people and objects that are near our plants. Then we mix the most suitable pesticide, checking the dilution doses on the bottle label for the time that must elapse between two administrations and also how long we will have to wait before being able to collect and eat any fruits present on our plant. We vaporize the product on the whole plant, paying attention to hit the entire foliage with the jet and always keeping at a distance of at least 40-50 cm from the foliage or branches. We go over the plant a few times to make sure we spray the product all over the tree; if necessary, lift with a ladder or other support, so as to reach any particularly high or distant parts of the crown.