Repair the succulent plants

Repair the succulent plants

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Repairing succulents:

Most cacti and succulents can easily withstand temperatures well below zero, so they can be left outdoors all year round. Exposure to periods of low temperature climate favors spring flowering. To be able to leave them in the cold, however, these plants must go into vegetative rest and not receive watering, especially when the thermometer shows cold temperatures. Already starting from the autumn months we begin to suspend the waterings, so that the substratum dries completely; therefore we place our plants in a nice bright and sunny place, sheltered from bad weather. Where possible we place the plants under a roof; or else leave them in the garden but ripariam them with well-dried straw and plastic film, so that the precipitations cannot reach the root system. Certainly the best way to keep cacti during the winter is a small cold greenhouse, completely without heating, but sheltered from the water. The greenhouse can also be small, but we try to keep it healthy for our plants by cleaning it before introducing them, also practicing a total pest control with the use of a fungicide and insecticide spray. Let's place it in a sunny place, the proximity to the house, where possible, increases the temperature inside the greenhouse, further preserving the plants from frost. Inside the cold greenhouse we avoid stacking the plants, place them so that they can enjoy good ventilation, and remember to open it during the hottest and sunniest days, to avoid stagnation on the condensation plants.