Pruning of a tree

Pruning of a tree

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Tree pruning:

The development of tall trees takes place in nature in a harmonious and pleasant way; with the passing of the years they develop roundish, well thick and balanced foliage. When we grow a tall tree in a large park or garden our prunings can be limited to clearing the foliage of those branches and twigs that are ruined over the months, from bad weather or diseases. When, on the other hand, a tall tree is cultivated in a small garden, pruning could also be carried out to contain its growth, or to remove those branches that are closer to the house or shade places in the garden that we would prefer sunnier. Recall that pruning, in general, causes a fairly rapid response in plants: within a few months the plant tends to restore the foliage and wood that we have removed by pruning it. Therefore a drastic pruning quickly follows a broad and luxuriant development. For this reason we avoid excessive pruning of trees in the garden, otherwise every year we will have to intervene more and more. Pruning is done preferably when the plants are in vegetative rest, or in autumn or late winter; proceed by trying to remove the small branches that grow excessively intricate, stunted, or crossed inside the foliage; by pruning these branches we will allow the air and the sun's rays to penetrate inside the foliage, ensuring a more balanced development of the plant and favoring the development of healthy vegetation. The cuts must be made using sharp and disinfected instruments, to avoid transmitting fungal or viral pathologies to the entire plant through cuts; it is pruned taking care to make the cut as close as possible to a bud, possibly facing the outside of the foliage. The cuts of larger branches should be made only when strictly necessary. If the surface of the cut is very large, remember to cover it with pruning putty, which will preserve the cut from mold and rot.


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