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The Cymbidium found in nurseries are orchids native to the mountainous areas of Asia; they are therefore slightly different from many other orchids widespread as houseplants, as they better tolerate cold and sunlight. They are grown in fairly large containers, given that they often develop large clumps of flattened pseudobulbs; in spring they produce long stems that porrtano numerous large flowers, with a waxy appearance. They are cultivated in a very bright place, during the summer they can also be placed outdoors, in a sunny place, sheltered from direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. They are plants that do not like too much sultry heat, and therefore in summer they must be placed in a shady and well-ventilated place. They can withstand temperatures even below 10 ° C, and occasionally some slight frost; therefore in areas with mild winters they can stay outdoors in a sheltered place. If instead we live in an area with very cold winters, we place them in a cold greenhouse, or at home, but possibly in an area that is not excessively heated; in fact, exposure to a cool climate for a few weeks favors flowering.