Sexy Rexy


The sexy rexy variety is a rose capable of forming beautiful roses with cluster flowers of delicate light pink salmon. It is a plant that is very resistant to disease and does not require special care to grow. Flowering is re-occurring. The height is about 0.60 / 0.80m while it is characterized by the light scent of its petals.

Sexy Rexy: Rose floribunde

The sexy rexy variety is a floribunda rose. This type of rose originates from the cross between the varieties of tea hybrids and the polyanthe, an experiment carried out for the first time in the early twentieth century. They are very popular varieties and widely cultivated in Italian gardens thanks to their incredible beauty, resistance, ease of cultivation and, particularly appreciated character, their abundant flowering. They are ideal plants for creating flowerbeds, bushes, embellishing urban centers and decorating the edges of roads or low walls. They can be grown easily even in pots.