Rosa Parfume D'amour


Thea hybrid with an intense pink color and a large flower: 45 petals. Very resistant dark green vegetation. Its intense, exceptional and unforgettable perfume alone justifies the presence of this rose in all the gardens.
The rose develops a bush that usually reaches one meter and can be used successfully for the realization of flower-bed or flower-colored borders, as well as very fragrant.

Rosa Parfume D'amour: Cultivation of roses

The hybrid tea roses, of which the Parfume d'Amour rose is part, are a very large family of roses born in the nineteenth century for hybridization of European varieties and particular roses from China; since then, the work of the breeders has meant that the range of flowers has expanded further with particular and resistant varieties.
For the cultivation of roses there is no need for special or complex operations, the important thing is to carefully choose the place where to plant them, which must be bright and sunny, to guarantee the roses direct sunlight for a few hours a day. It is also advisable to choose a soil rich in nourishment and not too compact, since, in this case, it could allow the formation of harmful water stagnation.
The roses, during the vegetative phase, need regular watering, always checking that the soil has a way to dry between one operation and another.