Rosa Monica

Rosa Monica

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The flowers from the Monica rose have a cheerful and bright orange color and open on stems
long and thick. The plant has an erect habit and usually reaches a height of about 1.20 m.
Its flowers give off a light and delicate fragrance.
This rose is also used as a cut flower, given the length and linearity of its stem. It is a re-flowering variety.

Rosa Monica: Treating roses

The cultivation and care of roses can give great satisfaction, given that these beautiful flowers can give a unique and particular look to any space. To obtain long-lasting and vigorous blooms you don't need big jobs, but it is good to arrange the plants of this kind in a very bright and sunny place, so that they can receive direct sunlight during the course of the day.
The choice of soil, then, will affect the health and vigor of the plant, as it is preferable to place the roses in fresh, light and well-drained soils, with a good organic component.
At the end of the winter the plants should be pruned to eliminate the damaged and dry branches, so as to allow the germination of new flowers.