Polar Star Rose

Polar Star Rose

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A new Thea Hybrid with a pure white color and a light and delicate fragrance. The plant generally likes the exuberant production of flowers. Very resistant to winter. Height 1.50 m.
This rose is appreciated for the beauty of its compact and long-lasting white flowers and is also suitable for growing in pots, given that, usually, this kind of plant does not grow over one meter in height. It can be hit by scab, in the case in which the climatic conditions are unfavorable and lead to the presence of a considerable quantity of humidity. With a sudden intervention it is possible to solve the problem.

Rosa Stella Polare: Cultivation of roses

The Stella Polare rose is part of the large array of hybrid tea roses, plants appreciated for the rich production of flowers and for the duration of flowering; many species are also flowering and produce flowers until the beginning of the winter season.
To keep the plants healthy and let them grow luxuriantly, a few simple steps are enough, but they can make the difference to fully enjoy the beauty of these beautiful flowers.
First of all it is good to place the specimens in a sunny position, where they can receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day; if you live in a particularly hot area, it will be good to foresee a semi-shady position during the hottest hours of the day. Then choose a rich and drained soil, so as to avoid the formation of water stagnations dangerous for the health of these plants.