Rose Euroflora 2001

Statement of Rosanova SaS rosesin the Euroflora 2001 competitions

Genoa, 26 April '01
Using the term triumph may seem almost an understatement, considering that ROSANOVA SAS roses have established themselves in 10 out of 12 competitions reserved for roses in the 2001 edition of EUROFLORA in Genoa. Paola Pagani, administrator of ROSANOVA SAS (agent for Italy of NIRP INTERNATIONAL and ROSEN TANTAU) was certainly not expecting a gold medal, 7 gold and 2 silver medals, even though everyone knew that the range developed in recent years was proving to be the most complete and the most suitable for the decoration of gardens, large areas and public green areas.
In the comments, after the award ceremony, Paola Pagani lingered to thank the collaborators who in recent years have allowed us to carry out the work of fine-tuning the various varieties and types proposed and the fact that these awards - which Paola Pagani dedicates to the Founding Member by Rosa Nova Sig. Luciano Ghione - they are the right stimulus for ROSANOVA SAS to make these selections known on the Italian market.
Among the various actions that have already been undertaken a constructive relationship with mutual exchange of knowledge with landscape designers and architects and the development of a pre- and post-sales service for nursery owners, green area fitters and the managers of garden center.

Rosanova SaS

The production presented (and rewarded) is very wide, ranging from the ground and ground cover material from cuttings, to wrinkled roses, to the grafted roses; 70 varieties are also available including large-flowered roses, shrubs, floribunde, poliante and climbing plants.
ROSANOVA was established in 1990 with the aim of developing the National Rose Garden market based on advanced concepts that enhance the quality of the new varieties covered by plant patents. Great attention has always been paid to innovative uses (especially for urban green areas) and to the use of new varieties resistant to adversity, to the difficult urban environment, to traffic and to the traditional fungal diseases of the rose.
The new varieties include the ground cover and ground cover selections of the NIRPAYSAGEТ and DIRECLINE Т range, they are 16 varieties (but in 2002 they will be 23) different in appearance, color and size of the flower but united by important characteristics such as:
- Wide flowering period (from May to winter frosts);
- Low maintenance (even mechanical pruning not tied to particular periods);
- Long planting period (from March to December) and easy storage of the material
during the works ;;
- Self-cleaning of flowers;
- Resistance to adversity;
- Adaptation to the most diverse situations of use

Variety of Euroflora roses 2001

The varieties that at EUROFLORA have most convinced are:
Climbing roses
· SANTANA® (blood red color)
· HAENDEL® (pink / red / cream color)
· LAWINIA® (fuchsia pink color)
· VALZER DELLA NEVE® (white color)
Wrinkled roses
· SNOW OWL® (pure white color)
· FOXY® (violet pink color)
Rosai floribunda
· MONTANA® (red Swiss color)
· ROKOKO® (pink ivory color)
· AMBER QUEEN® (deep yellow color)
Rosai landscape
· ASPIRIN® ROSE (porcelain pink / white color)
· RODY® (raspberry red color)
As for the grafted material, the climbing roses, wrinkled roses, floribunda and landscape, were awarded by the Juries.

Rose Euroflora 2001: Awards rose Euroflora 2001

Detailed list of prizes
· SANTANA® grand gold medal - roses of botanical species
decorative for the garden.
· SNOW OWL® gold medal - rosy rose bush in bloom.
· FOXY® gold medal - rosy rosy rose in bloom plus
beautiful variety.
· ASPIRIN® ROSE gold medal - blooming small flower rosary,
obtained after 1900 (polyanta and assimilated).
· ROKOKO® gold medal - roses with fragrant flower obtained
after 1940.
· AMBER QUEEN® gold medal - bush rose obtained after the
gold medal - roses for pot cultivation
· MONTANA gold medal - rose of decorative botanical species
for the garden.
· RODY® silver medal - ground cover shrubs.
· MONTANA® silver medal - rose bush with flowers a
deck obtained after 1940.
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Pagani Paola