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Christmas tree

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Christmas tree

If we have decided to buy a real fir tree, sure that it comes from cultivation and has not been taken in kind, we will have to follow some precautions, to make sure that our tree remains beautiful for the whole period of the holidays. Traditionally, the Christmas tree is decorated during the first half of December, colored balls and golden stars will be stored and kept for the next year only at Epiphany. So in any case, the Christmas tree is decorated for about 3-5 weeks.

The tree we have chosen is alive, so it has special needs: light, irrigation and temperature. If we want to plant it in the next few weeks, in the middle of the earth or in a large pot, we will have to forcefully keep our tree in a cool place, to prevent the thermal stress from lowering the chance of survival once the holidays are over. If we have space available we can place our spruce in the garden, perhaps already in the house, or in a large vase; if we do not have a garden we can keep it on the terrace, or even in the house, but in an unheated room. If we really want to keep it indoors, to use it as a living room or dining room decoration, we try to keep it away from direct heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces. In fact the fir trees are trees originating in the mountainous areas of Europe, and even those used as Christmas trees are grown in cold places, where in these weeks the maximum temperatures are generally below 10 ° C. Keeping the fir away from fireplaces and other open flame devices we will also avoid unpleasant inconveniences, in fact the needles of many conifers are rich in resin, as well as the branches, even a small spark can cause its ignition, with obvious damages for our home; for this same reason we avoid to decorate the tree, be it real or fake, with lighted candles.The place where we will keep the tree also affects the cultivation treatments that we will have to prepare for this plant; if it is placed outdoors generally the fir tree needs only that the soil does not dry excessively, or for too long periods, if it is in full ground this tree is satisfied with the rains, if instead it is in pot it is the case to check the dampness of the ground with your hands, and in case water it periodically.If instead the tree is at home let's remember to place it in a sufficiently large container, and water it every 3-4 days, avoiding to soak the soil. If instead of a tree with roots we have bought a point, that is only the top of the tree, without the roots, let's water the soil in the vase anyway, to avoid that the plant deteriorates quickly, losing most of the needles. Watering is also necessary to keep the foliage of a bright green color; to prevent the needles of the fir from being ruined, also from the excessive dryness of the air of the house, let us remember to vaporize the crown frequently.The decorations

In ancient times, among the northern populations, the fir was considered the cosmic tree par excellence, which united the earthly world with the celestial world; in the days near the winter solstice, or the shortest day of the year, it was customary to decorate the fir tree with the symbols of what one wanted to obtain during the following spring. From this custom derives the use of golden and silver decorations, colors symbolizing riches; in the same way small desserts were used, to propitiate the harvest, and also lights (real or only images of candles and candles) to propitiate the lengthening of the days, and the arrival of spring, the harvest season. The Christian faith has replaced these customs, attributing to the Christmas tree the symbolic meaning of the cross, while the decorations symbolize the gifts that humanity has given to Jesus as a child, the light of the world.
Today the Christmas trees are decorated with small colored objects, which want to bring joy to the birth of Jesus; they therefore use colored banners, small glass balls, objects generally of bright color. When preparing the tree, remember to choose only a couple of colors at the most, to avoid an excessively noisy decoration; we also try not to suffocate our fir, excessively decorating it, and we use light objects, so as not to break the thinner twigs.

Christmas tree: Games for Christmas

For the garden and not only is a new range of toys, wooden products or other solid and warm materials available in Italy, made to last over time.
The Discoveries of Grace provides us with a whole range of toys, gift ideas and decorations for Christmas, many of which are wooden products, like the games of the past.
In the catalog we also find children's houses, which can also be used in the garden, such as the pirate's house, suitable for children's rooms or for the garden; it mounts in no time, thanks to the metal supports and the plastic corners.
Among the many wooden objects we also find buildings, like those of the past; the swings, to be fixed to the trees or at home with special tie rods. And the beautiful dollhouse, all completely in wood, in which you can also insert many small pieces of furniture, to entertain even the most demanding girls.
Have you already thought about the decorations and gifts for next Christmas? This year amaze your friends and relatives with Le Scoperte di Grazia, a fantastic world made of educational toys for the little ones, original wooden decorations, gift ideas, etc.


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