Littered Bonsai Styles

Littered Bonsai Styles

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Littered Bonsai Styles: Litterates(Bunjingi)

The style of the Litterates presents a usually very long and slender trunk. The name was thus indicated in America to define a style appreciated by intellectuals. This style in fact applies to the bonsai the pictorial technique of some Japanese artists. The shape of the tree is absolutely free and the branches are arranged in an irregular way in all directions, especially in the apical part of the plant. In this style, more than in others, it is still necessary for the bonsai to present a certain balance.
It is a style particularly suited to conifers, but can also be used successfully on broad-leaved trees. The most suitable materials to start a tree in this style are the plants collected in nature, which often already present some characteristic features of this type (long and narrow trunk, branches only in the apical part, etc.)


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