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Calceolarie: CALCEOLARIA

Do you know how my love is?
It is a brunette all feeling,
his face looks like a rose,
the eyes to the stars that are in the firmament,
It is a flat brunette of poetry
that she took all my soul.
I saw her one by one, by chance, walking
and immediately I fell in love:
if I see it it seems to me to dream,
if I don't see it, I'm disconsolate.
Oh, my brunettina, how beautiful you are!
Like an angel of God, like a star.
The longed for that you will be mine
a flower will offer you of Calceolaria,
you will plant it with your gentle hand
in the most chosen and solitary flowerbed,
and the little child Amor will cultivate
the flower of happiness.
Pietro Gori