Narcissus: Generalities

The meaning of this flower, that is self-esteem, vanity and inability to love, is to be traced back to the story of Narcissus, a young and splendid shepherd of whom Ovid speaks in the third book of the Metamorphosis. Narcissus is represented as a very vain boy who is completely amazed by his own beauty and unable, precisely because of this, to steal the life and feelings that his beauty aroused in all the girls. One day, while he admired all the
its splendor in the waters of a pond, Narcissus became the "target" of Cupid who, to mock the young man, made his face up and ruffled his hair. Narciso, in an attempt to recover his face, fell into the water and died. on the banks of the pond were born daffodils that bent their heads on the water in search of their reflection. From the term narcissus are derived the narcissistic and narcissistic adjectives and the noun narcissism which indicate the tendency to contemplate one's person and one's personality with excessive complacency.