Jasmine: Generalities

Ancient traces of jasmine have been found in Egypt; tiny fragments were found on the mummy of a pharaoh in the necropolis of Deir-el-Bahri. In Europe it came perhaps from the Indies.
In Tuscany, in 1500, a noble planted a splendid specimen in his own garden, forbidding his gardener
to reproduce that plant; the gardener's fiancée, disobeying the order of the Lord, stole a sprig from it, replanted it; he was able to reproduce jasmine and started it
to sell cuttings; in this way she got rich and managed to marry her boyfriend. Even today in Tuscany it is tradition for brides to add a sprig of jasmine to the bouquet, so that it will bring good luck to the future husband.
The yellow jasmine is a symbol of elegance and grace, the white one of amiability. In Spain it is the emblem of sensuality.