Chives - Allium schoenoprasum

Chives - Allium schoenoprasum

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Chives are small perennial bulbous plants, native to Europe; It is perfectly adapted to living in our climates, and can be cultivated in the garden or even in pots, on the kitchen windowsill, so that it is always close at hand. It produces small clumps of elongated leaves, with a round section, hollow to their whole; they are harvested only at the time of use, by cutting them at the base with a pair of scissors, and they are minced. We can also harvest the leaves when they are more luxuriant, chop them and place them in frizeer for use during the year.
The leaves of the chives have a delicate scent of onion, which they release into the dishes; they are used with vegetables, in potato salads or other boiled vegetables, with meat and cone fish; they are generally used as a raw aroma, chopped up in the dish at the end of cooking, rarely added during cooking, because their aroma is very delicate, and it would be easily dispersed.

Chives - Allium schoenoprasum: Property

Prepare boiled or steamed potatoes, if boiled in water, leave the peel, which you will remove at the end of cooking, in this way the potatoes will absorb less water during boiling and will remain more tasty; when they are still warm cut into coarse cubes.
Separately prepare an aromatic mixture, consisting of a sprig of dill, a little parsley and plenty of chives; mix the herbs with a few spoonfuls of cream, a little mayonnaise, oil and salt.
Season the potatoes still warm with the sauce and serve immediately.