Lemon balm - Melissa officinalis

Lemon balm - Melissa officinalis

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Name: Melissa officinalis L.
Harvest: Depending on whether you want to dry or eat fresh, the leaves must be harvested either before flowering or in summer; the flowers between June and August.
Properties: Calming, digestive, sedative, carmative, healing, stimulating.
Family: Labiate.
Common names: bergamot grass, lemon grass, citron grass, flower blossom, citronella, milissa,

Melissa - Melissa officinalis: Properties

Habitat: Wetlands up to 1500 meters high.
Parts used: Flowers and leaves.
Conservation: Both flowers and leaves must be dried in a dry and airy place and then stored in tightly closed glass jars.
Use: Infusions and dyes for internal use and for external use against neuralgia, rheumatism and insect bites.
Notes: Lemon balm leaves are used as a flavoring in the preparation of omelettes, salads, drinks, desserts and roasts.