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Dried flower compositions

Dried flower compositions

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The realization of compositions of dried flowers allows to have particular and original decorations to embellish the house without the problem related to fresh flowers, which are ruined quickly.
Making small bouquets with dried flowers is simple; you start by tying different plants, two by two, with a rather thin wire. The various bouquets must then be arranged, in a harmonious manner, trying to give the composition a convex shape. The shorter flowers can be used to cover the stems of the longer ones. To complete the work it is possible to cover the lower part of the bouquet (composed of the stems) with crepe paper, of the color you prefer, and then tie it all together with a bow of a color suitable for that of the paper.


In addition to the bouquet compositions, another way to use this type of flower is to make nice garlands, which can be used on different occasions, such as for original Christmas decorations.
The base of the garland can be made up of supports in the shape of a circle, which can be found at florists and gift shops, or it can be made with a strong iron wire, to which we will try to give a circular shape. Ties of dried flowers are tied to the base with thin iron wire. It is important to overlap the bouquets made, trying to hide the base as much as possible. To better camouflage the wire, it is recommended to use insulating tape (the one used by florists) green or brown.


The great beauty and practicality of this kind of flower consists in the fact that it is possible to obtain very different effects by combining various types of flowers. The only limit is fantasy. For those looking for sober compositions, the advice is to choose variety with similar and complementary colors, avoiding too strong chromatic contrasts and creating small bouquets or bouquets with wild flowers, very natural and beautiful to look at.
The compositions can be placed in every corner of the house, going to embellish even poorly lit areas; in this case the advice is to use bright colors, remembering that the varieties that are most suitable are lavender, daisies, roses, mallow, lily of the valley, heather, mimosa that can be interspersed with ears to personalize the composition.

Dried flower compositions: Maintenance

This type of flower, unlike fresh cut flowers, obviously does not need water to survive; over time, however, dust could settle on the composition, which would ruin its beauty.
To "dust" the compositions, simply place them on a window sill on a dry and warm day, or place them for a few hours in a steamy room and then transfer them to a dry and airy environment.
Another rather simple method is to use a hair dryer with moderate temperature air to eliminate the dust that has settled on them. If the dust is more stratified, it is good to use compressed spray air, the one used also for electronic equipment.
Another effective system is to use coarse salt, introducing the head flowers in an envelope and inserting coarse salt, shaking the whole thing.
When the composition is very dirty, it is possible to prepare hot water in which to melt the baking soda and then immerse the composition so as to obtain a deep cleaning.


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