Buon Enrico - Chenopodium bonus henricus

Buon Enrico - Chenopodium bonus henricus

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Name: Chenopodium bonus - Henricus L.
Family: Chenopodiacee
Common names: healthy grass, orapa, wild spinach, all good, caltri, colubrina, chigni, colubrina.
Habitat: It is rarely found in flat areas; instead, it grows spontaneously at altitudes above 250 meters (it prefers the Alps and the Apennines).
Parts used: Leaves and flowers.

Buon Enrico - Chenopodium bonus henricus: Cultivation

Collection: The leaves and flowers are harvested only during the summer period.
Storage: In order to keep its many properties intact, it is not advisable to dry this herb, it is preferable to use it as soon as it is harvested.
Properties: Depurative, emollient, anti-anemic and laxative.
Use: infusions or packs with fresh leaves as a sedative in the case of abscesses.
Notes: It is not recommended for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, gout or in cases of renal failure.