Beccabunga - Veronica beccabumga


Name: Veronica beccabunga L.
Family: Scrofulariacee.
Common names: favassina grass, sgrisulo, cresson, trellis grass, fat grass.
Habitat: it grows up to heights of 2500 meters, as long as the climate is very humid and has constantly available water.
Parts used: flowers and leaves.

Beccabunga - Veronica beccabumga: Cultivation

Harvest: in late spring, first the leaves and then the flowers.
Conservation: the plant is very rich in water: consequently the drying must take place with great care in dry places and away from the sun.
Properties: stimulants, diuretic, purifying and detergents.
Use: infusions, decoctions and application of fresh leaves.
Notes: the leaves of this plant, if caught in the early spring, are excellent in salads, together with carrots, radishes, onion, chopped basil, chervil.