Balsamita - Chrysanthemum balsamita

Balsamita - Chrysanthemum balsamita

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Name: Chrysanthemum balsamita
Family: Composite
Common names: Roman amenta, bitter grass, good grass, Madonna's herb, St. Peter's grass, St. Mary's grass, fritola, Greek mint.
Habitat: in the meadows of hilly and flat areas, in all regions of Italy.
Parts used: leaves and flower heads

Balsamita - Chrysanthemum balsamita: Property

Harvest: the flowers during the summer period, while the leaves are harvested from late spring to early summer.
Storage: let the leaves and flowers dry in the shade. Having the foresight to shoot them frequently.
Properties: antipasmodic, aromatic, carminative, cholagogue, diuretic, sedative.
Use: inside infused syrup and dye.
Notes: its distillate is used as an essence by perfume producers.