Caper - Capparis spinosa

Caper - Capparis spinosa

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Name: Capparis sipnosaL.
Harvest: The flowers and roots are harvested in the early spring, a little later than the fruits.
Properties: Diuretic, anti-arthritic, aperitif, tonic, digestive and astringent.
Family: Capparidacee.
Common names: Zucchetta, sunflowers, tapania, chiapparelle, capirin.
Habitat: It is located below 300 meters of altitude.

Caper - Capparis spinosa: Property

Parts used: Fruits, flowers and the outermost part of the roots.
Storage: The collected parts must be left to rest in dry places and not in direct contact with the light.
Use: the oils obtained are ideal for massages and for washing sores ...
Notes: Capers are widely used in the kitchen: with the addition of vinegar, butter, cream, garlic and chopped parsley, a delicate sauce is obtained which is ideal to accompany boiled meat.


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