Cultivation of cycas

Cultivation of cycas

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Question: Information on cycas

Hi, I am Gabriella I wanted to know some information about cicas. I have a cicas in pot on my terrace facing north that in the summer of '98 due to the excessive water has lost all the leaves and has remained practically only the trunk that for the truth not he seems dead ... more than a year has passed, are there still hopes that new leaves will sprout?
I hope your answer is thanks

Cultivation of cycas: Answer: Information on cycas

Dear Gabriella,
if it is more than a year that its cicas plant does not emit leaves I think that by now there is nothing more to do. Probably the excessive water has caused the roots to rot. However, since hope is the last to die, try to wait until this spring to see what happens. Meanwhile, minimize watering and do not fertilize. Good luck. Let us know how it ends.
Thank you for writing us. Don't hesitate to do it whenever you want.
See you soon.