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Ficus margin

Ficus margin

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Question: A ficus layering

I would like to know the precise name of the ficus that I have at home: it is the typical tall ficus (about one and a half meters) and thin, with a triple trunk (diameter of each trunk approximately cm), which is used as an ornament in the exhibition halls etc.
I would also like to know if the layering carried out on small branches (es the thickest that this ficus spossa have) has hopes of success, how to do it and if in conjunction with the repotting.
Very thank you and greetings

Ficus margin: Answer: A ficus layering

Dear Antonio,
the ficus to which you are probably referring is the ficus benjamina (with thin branches, green leaves sharpened towards the tip), very common as a houseplant.
You can see this monographic sheet
/// apartment / singolepiante / ficusbenjamina / ficus benjamina.htm
where the most important indications and treatments to follow are given, as well as some varieties.
As for the reproduction by air layering, it is certainly one of the most used reproduction techniques (together with the cutting).
The best time to lay down is from May to July.
The operation begins by making two light incisions at a distance of no more than 15 mm on the bark, just below a knot.
The bark is then removed and one of the liquid or powder hormone products that stimulate the emission of the roots is applied to the wound.
Then wrap a layer of damp moss around the wound and cover it with a sheet of transparent plastic tying it with raffia (above and below).
As soon as the roots are visible through the transparent sheet, a first circular incision of the stem (shallow) is made under the layering.
After two weeks you can cut and pot the plant helping it with foliar spraying.
Good job!