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Repacking stub

Repacking stub

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Question: Repossing the log of happiness

They are in possession of 2 logs of happiness, they are positioned near the window
and in this period I water them once every 7-10 days. I would like to know why later
a long period in which they were luxuriant (very thick and very green), they started to make many yellow leaves which later dried up.
I would also like to know when is the time to repot and the pot must be bigger than it is?
Thank you for your attention, I await your advice
Giorgia (Rome).

Repacking the trunk: Answer: Repotting the trunk of happiness

Dear Giorgia,
you can find the information you are looking for on our website among the dragon trees in the pages of indoor plants. From the symptoms you exposed to me your plants suffered from radical asphyxia (too much water), watering only when the compote is completely dry. From May to September, fertilizer with a liquid nitrogen-based liquid fertilizer.
You can repot them in spring in a vase with a diameter of a few centimeters higher than the previous one.