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Question: Araucaria

Dear friend, I thank you for the April magazine, but I would like information on a tree (PINE) that is commonly called AUCRALIA but I can't find the exact name, I try to describe it more or less as it is: it is 6m high has big branches with pointed leaves similar to those of a succulent plant attached directly to the branch, the feature of the branches is similar to
that of a desert cactus. I await your response in the meantime, I salute you

Araucaria: Answer: Araucaria

Dear friend,
We thank you for contacting us about the information on the name of a plant through the expert's column. From the information you provided, we can certainly associate the plant with the Araucaria, genus of 18 evergreen conifer species.
The Araucaria belongs to the Conifer family and therefore evergreen plants with leaves transformed into needles or as in the genus Araucariacee with scaly leaves.
Araucaria araucana is native to the sub-tropical areas of Chile and is one of the few varieties of the same genus that can be cultivated in our outdoor climates, but only in the hottest or sheltered areas due to the sensitivity to winter cold.
In the best climatic conditions this plant can reach the size of 18-20 m and like all conifers it generally prefers acid and drained soils or where water does not stagnate.
Yours sincerely.