Jasmine pruning

Jasmine pruning

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Question: Pruning of jasmine

Hi, I am Gabriella I wanted to know if it is possible to prune in this period some jasmine potted plants because this summer they have produced many branches downwards while I would like them to grow like espalier on the net that I have on the terrace. I would then submit another question to them. a hibiscus that this year with the first colds I brought home hoping it will grow more lush this summer: should I continue to fertilize it? it is always full of insects almost as in summer I have to do the same treatments I use in the warm season? (pesticides etc ...)
Thank you in advance for your reply

Jasmine pruning: Answer: Pruning of jasmine

dear Gabriella,
as for the pruning of jasmine I advise you to wait for spring to prevent frost from damaging the cut branches. See the tips for the month of December regarding jobs to be done in the garden.
As far as your hibiscus plant is concerned, it is better to reduce fertilization to a minimum (once a month). As for the use of pesticides, it can certainly provide treatments immediately.