Books on gardening

Books on gardening

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Question: Books on gardening

As you can see they are absolut beginner
I am now dedicating myself to botany, after which for years of passion for cooking I put everyone on the bottom.
I am really and utterly ignorant, so much so that I am asking questions so little chicks that maybe they don't answer me because they think I'm kidding them.
I would like to buy some publications on care and how to recognize the various plants
(from apartment - balcony - garden - roses and flowers in general)
the various garden stores have some notion, but since I can't distinguish a bulb from a seed I want to start over.

Gardening Books: Answer: Gardening Books

Dear Mariuccia,
We thank you for contacting us regarding the doubts about the purchase of a valid book on gardening through the book of the Expert.
In the market there are many books dedicated to gardening.
In bookstores you can find thematic volumes and also specific monographs for plant types.
To get an overall picture, we recommend books from the "Practical Gardening" series by Giorgio Mondatori or "Practical Encyclopedia" of the Reader's Digest selection because it is rich in content, easy to use and even if not detailed, treats plants completely.
Other useful texts can be found in the collections of the publishing house Ed agricole where many plants are treated both for groups and as monographs.