Sowing violets

Question: Sowing violets

One of our kind readers contacted us to get an answer about seeding violets:
I sowed in 2 little pots abb. small of the seeds (17.02 / 03) of viola W.
clear cristal black.
I'd like to know:
how high do they have to be before putting them in a large vase?
how much water should I give him stay at home or outside?
how long do they blossom and how long do they last?

Sowing violets: Answer

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for contacting us about the questions about the violas,
through the "" expert's column. Pansy or Viola wittrockiana belong to the botanical family of the violets and is native to Europe. It has very large flowers in relation to its size and the colors vary in the same corolla from yellow, blue, purple and black. It is sown in July - October in seedbed with light soil, in autumn or
in spring the small plants are planted, which have developed a root system and at least 3-5 leaves, at a distance of 15-30 cm. They can be located in sunny locations, but prefer the areas in dim light.
Violets want frequent watering, especially during the hottest periods.
They have no special needs, if not to avoid the water stagnation that favors the rottenness to the collar and to the roots.